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Call Object.freeze on action , to prevent accidental mutation by scripts.

Append action to frozenActions .

Create a frozen array from frozenActions .

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Notification objects dispatch events during their lifecycle, which developers can use to generate desired behaviors.

The click event dispatches when the user activates a notification.

Persistent notifications fire notificationclick events on the FOOTWEAR Loafers on YOOXCOM Missoni PZaKrYDw

Here a service worker shows a notification with a single "Archive" Womens Rally Leather Espadrille Sandals Pierre Hardy Y8UotTh0
, allowing users to perform this common task from the notification without having to open the website (for example the notification platform might show a button on the notification). The user can also activate the main body of the notification to open their inbox.

Web applications frequently operate concurrently in multiple instances, such as when a user opens a mail application in multiple browser tabs. Since the desktop is a shared resource, the notifications API provides a way for these instances to easily coordinate, by using the tag member.

Notifications which represent the same conceptual event can be tagged in the same way, and when both are shown, the user will only receive one notification.

The result of this situation, if the user agent follows the algorithms here, is a single notification "New mail from John Doe".


The tag member can also be used by a single instance of an application to keep its notifications as current as possible as state changes.

For example, if Alice is using a chat application with Bob, and Bob sends multiple messages while Alice is idle, the application may prefer that Alice not see a desktop notification for each message.

The result of this situation is a single notification; the second one replaces the first having the same tag. In a platform that queues notifications (first-in-first-out), using the tag allows the notification to also maintain its position in the queue. Platforms where the newest notifications are shown first, a similar result could be achieved using the close() method.

The showNotification(title, options) method, when invoked, must run these steps:

If the context object ’s active worker is null, then reject promise with a TypeError exception and return promise .

Let serviceWorkerRegistration be the context object .

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by Sean Pomeroy | October 6, 2015

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The Workplace Accountability Study recently revealed that 82% of respondents have no ability to hold others accountable , but 91% of people rank accountability as one of the top development needs they’d like to see at their organization.

Employees want to keep their peers accountable when they fail to meet up to the demands of their job, in the same way they want to recognize them when they do good work. But when employees have no system of accountability in place, things can very quickly fall apart. This is why accountability matters, and why you need to invest in it.

“Mistakes Were Made”

You’ll hear that phrase from a lot of politicians: “Mistakes were made.” It’s so popular Antik Batik Woman Tasseled Braided Leather And Embroidered Canvas Sandals Offwhite Size 41 Antik Batik uzfi7RsX80
. This phrase makes great use of passive voice. It speaks to the general lack of accountability in a system. Does the person uttering it want to cover their own skin, or are they part of a system that has no way of holding anyone responsible for their actions? Either way, it’s a cop-out. It acknowledges problems only after they’ve been discovered, holds no one responsible for them, and tries to move on from those problems without anyone actually having learned anything.

Why do I highlight this phrase? Because it’s a perfect example of why accountability matters. When employees (and let’s be fair, managers do this too) don’t hold themselves responsible for their actions, it prevents anyone from learning from them. This ends up perpetuating those problems until someone comes along and points these problems out. It also creates a culture of mistrust among employees.

For example, 11% of managers believe 50% of their employees avoid taking responsibility . Do half of employees really shrug off their mistakes? My point is that it doesn’t matter; what matters is that those managers believe they do, and that’s the distrust I’m talking about. That distrust will build, get worse, and lead to bigger problems down the road unless something gets done. But what do we do about this?

Accountability is a Culture Problem

I really can’t stress enough how much of a culture problem accountability is. When no one trusts each other at work to do the work they’re assigned, employee morale takes a hit. Employees feel like they can’t trust their boss. They feel devalued. And when employees aren’t valued, they’re less likely to be engaged with their work; surveys say 91% of Bibi Butterfly Embroidered Suede Pumps Black Sophia Webster LiX260w
at their job are motivated to do their best, versus 37% of those who don’t feel valued. So it’s a domino effect: low accountability leads to mistrust leads to low morale leads to worker devaluation leads to low engagement leads to low productivity.

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Sunday, November 4, 2018 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm
Chandler Hill Vineyards

Find a friend for life at Chandler Hill Vineyards' upcoming pet adoption event. The winery is partnering with several local adoption organizations in the surrounding area— for a day of wine, wags and fun. The organizations will bring several of their lovable pets for you to meet and adopt. You can also shop for pet products from area vendors and taste or purchase bottles of the latest releases of the winery's "State of Mind" wines.

Click on the winery's FB site for additional information.

Sip Soup
Sunday, November 4, 2018 - 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Missouri River Wine Trail

There's nothing quite like a good soup to enjoy the fall weather. Try 7 different types paired with your favorite Missouri wines at each of the wineries on the Missouri River Wine Trail on Sunday, November 4. Start at any of the seven wineries and pick up your souvenir wine glass.

Taste of the Holidays
Saturday, November 10, 2018 - 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Mississippi River Hills Wine Trail

Kick off your holidays at the Taste of the Holidays event. Enjoy holiday foods in 4 bite portions paired perfectly with a featured wine. You might even see Santa on the wine trail.

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Saturday, November 10, 2018 - 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Stone Hill Winery

Enjoy a VIP winery tour and tasting on Saturday, November 10 at Stone Hill Winery. Staff will lead you behind the scenes on a visit to the winery's Norton vineyard, cellars, tank buildingand press house where you'll learn a bit of the technical side and a few of the secrets to their wine making success.Reservations are required.Limited space available.Tickets available online at .

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Saturday, December 1, 2018 - 10:00am to 5:00pm
Stone Hill Winery

Make plans to attend atraditional German Christmas market in Stone Hill Winery's heated Sherry House on Saturday, December 1. Shop for crafts and Christmas goodies, while listening to carolers and enjoying hot soup and mulled wine. There is no admission charge. Visit for more information.

Kristkindl Markt
Sunday, December 2, 2018 - 10:00am to 4:00pm
Stone Hill Winery

Make plans to attend atraditional German Christmas market in Stone Hill Winery's heated Sherry House from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on December 2. Shop for crafts and Christmas goodies, while listening to carolers and enjoying hot soupand mulled wine. There is no admission charge. Get more details at .

Since the data on total drug exposure and length of stay were totals for a patient’s entire hospital stay, their association with the occurrence of a complication does not in itself indicate a causal role, since an extended hospital stay and exposure to new drugs may also have resulted from the complication.

For the 76 patients with major complications, the average total length of stay was 19.3 days, with averages of 7.8 days before the first major complication and 11.5 days afterward. The average number of new drugs prescribed before the first major complication was 10.7 and, on average, 6.4 new drugs were prescribed after such an event. The number of new drugs prescribed for these patients before the occurrence of major complications was greater than the number of drugs prescribed throughout the entire hospital stay in patients who had no complications ( t  = 5.66, p<0.001).


These results appear to warrant several observations. First of all, the risk incurred during hospitalization is not trivial. At least a third of all patients in our study had some ill effect during hospitalization that was not related to the progression of any pathologic process, and 9% had a major untoward event.

Many changes have taken place in the in-hospital practice of medicine since Schimmel carried out his study at the Grace-New Haven Hospital. 6.5 7.5 9 9.5 Dsquared2 Brogue Shoes On Sale in Outlet Black Leather 2017 65 75 9 95 Dsquared2 Brogue Shoes On Sale in Outlet Black 8SxBO8Uf
Units now routinely monitor a host of physiologic characteristics, and this practice permits earlier intervention, often with procedures that were not known two decades ago, and intervention may even occur at points in the clinical process that were previously unrecognizable. Furthermore, although continuous monitoring (as opposed to intermittent monitoring) of a characteristic may well be beneficial to the patient, such observations may also result in increased use of therapeutic procedures or drugs that inevitably carry risks as well as benefits.

The number of potent drugs in use has risen over the past two decades, while some pharmaceutical agents have been replaced by less hazardous ones. In addition, patients may be more seriously ill on admission now than they previously were, perhaps in part because of the requirements of utilization review committees. Although the data of Schimmel are not altogether comparable with ours, the risk associated with hospitalization has almost certainly not diminished in comparison with the situation 15 to 20 years ago, and the risk of a serious problem may well have increased.

Secondly, the exposure to drugs seems to be a particularly important factor in determining which patients have complications, and such exposure was also associated with increased severity of complications. It is of interest that Seidl noted at least one drug reaction in 17.1% of patients admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital over a 3 month period. The rate in patients over 50 years old was greater than the mean attack rate (and progressively so for each decade, from 14.3% to 24.0%). In our patients, the percentage of serious complications caused by diagnostic and therapeutic procedures was greater than that in the other two categories (“drugs” and “miscellaneous”). However, it must be noted that a number of acknowledged high-risk procedures were included in this subdivision. Information is not available on the total number of procedures (both high-risk and low-risk) that were carried out over the course of the study. Other exposure rates and their risks (for example, certain procedures or administrative practices) were not analyzed but may well be worthy of study.

Thirdly, the data reported here were obtained from a medical service at a tertiary care university hospital. The amount and kinds of iatrogenic illness occurring in other settings (for example, a surgical service or a small community hospital) may be quite different. The characteristics of the patients at admission must be important in determining these results, but other factors might also be expected to influence the findings. Experience with drugs or procedures in addition to the staffing patterns of nurses and physicians may well affect the rate of iatrogenic disease and the ability to monitor untoward occurrences.

Almost a quarter of a century after the work of Barr, we have demonstrated that there are still risks involved with medical care, and the risk is probably greater than ever, although such comparisons across time are difficult to make. Serious consideration should be given to new methods of monitoring untoward occurrences in hospitalized patients, especially on medical services. Attention should also be directed to educational programs about iatrogenic disease. For example, it is not unusual for the chief of the medical service at any of the major teaching hospitals to discuss at morning report the patients who were admitted in the previous 24 hours. This tradition stresses events occurring before hospitalization or during the initial diagnostic workup, but it does not seem to give sufficient emphasis to the risks associated with the diagnostic or therapeutic methods, especially drugs, that are in use during hospitalization. If the morning report included discussion of patients five to seven days after their admission, the benefits and risks of hospitalization might be more apparent.

It must be emphasized again that we are making no statement whatsoever about the relative risk and benefit of hospitalization. It may be logically sound to speculate that the benefit of hospitalization far exceeds the risk, given the severity of illness of the population in hospitals, the natural progression of their diseases, and the value of alternative modes of therapy. However, regardless of whether patients admitted to the hospital today are unusually ill, and regardless of what benefits accrue to these persons through hospitalization, mechanisms must be developed to assess the hazards of hospitalization in an ongoing manner. Technologic, educational, and administrative means can then be sought to reduce the number and severity of untoward events, and the efficacy of such efforts can be ascertained.

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