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Totally stumbled on this by accident. I don’t even know if it’s a “legal” way to remove weeds.

As someone on Facebook pointed out, it likely means that I’ve just spread a bunch of seeds everywhere that will germinate the crap out of my yard if I don’t work quickly, so just keep that in mind! LOL.

But I simply blasted the pressure washer over the weeds, removing the top layer and using my boot to slide the weeds off the path.

It left a bunch of mud! (Which I admit was fun to slosh around in! When’s the last time I did that?!)

But with the ground thoroughly drenched and blasted,I thought it was easier to remove them.

And Day #2 of “Weed Removal” was easy because the ground was still muddy. I could dig much easier.

It’s amazing what you find when you start clearing away weeds and earth!

I saw a fat little white spider, a bright yellow caterpillar, and some other interesting bugs I had never seen before!

I wish I had snapped pictures of them.

Usually, I hate bugs when they’re invading my space. But somehow, when I’m invading theirs, suddenly they come awesome. HA!

There was something fun the past couple of days digging the earth, seeing it transform right in front of my eyes.

With the radio blaring in the background, a trowel in my hand, and sweat on my brow, I was happy, as I often am when working on projects.

This is new territory for me–becoming one with the space around my home.

There are new rules to learn, new wonders to seek, new lessons to be learned.

And hopefully, new areas that my family will inhabit once it’s pretty! 🙂

Have you learned anything from getting your own hands dirty outside? Leave a comment below and let’s chat about it! 🙂

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Anna Ibarra says

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Rethinking Disability

The Global Impact of the International Year of Disabled Persons (1981) in Historical Perspective


Leiden University – 22-23 March 2018

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Practical information

This workshop is organized by the ERC project ‘Rethinking Disability’. It is intended to bring together early-career researchers from different fields working on international organizations, to discuss methodological challenges together with peers and established scholars. A combination of a master class, keynote lectures, and roundtable discussions aims at providing an informal and interactive setting for the exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Confirmed speakers include:

Davide Rodogno Corinne Pernet Kiran Patel

Ever since the paradigm of ‘globalization’ has found its way into the field of history, ways of writing histories beyond borders have proliferated. Today, historians no longer need to justify enlarging their geographical scope beyond the national, but it can nonetheless be a daunting task to decide on how to do this. While we are going beyond borders, the choice for a translocal, transnational, transregional or global history still reveals our preference for a certain scale. Methodologically, our toolbox now offers us concepts such as comparisons, transfers, connections, entanglements and circulations. As different approaches focus on different concepts, choosing one approach often entails a rejection of other possible approaches. Transnational historians will distance themselves from comparative history; global history, as any global historian will tell you, is not the same as world history. The further we seem to get in advancing the call for breaking with our ‘methodological nationalism’, the more we seem to split up into different subfields, where fruitful dialogue becomes increasingly difficult. The purpose of this workshop is to open up this dialogue, to see what specific advantages different approaches can offer and how they can be best put to use.

In order to do this, the workshop will focus on the history of international organizations (IOs), as they are “extremely stimulating heuristic objects for historians of globalism in that they represent a true laboratory of the accords and tensions at work between the international, national, and local scenes and frames of reference” (Kott, 2011, p. 449). Therefore, writing their history automatically compels us to think about methodologies of doing ‘history beyond borders’. Although they automatically force historians to think about international connections, it is equally important to consider the continuing role of local or national scales within international organizations. Research objects in this regard can encompass both the main intergovernmental organizations (IOs) – such as the League of Nations, the UN or the NATO – and the vast field of International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), spanning a diverse range of causes from the environment (Greenpeace), over human rights (Amnesty International), to humanitarianism (Médecins sans frontières).

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(borrowed from

I spent almost all day unmotivated to do anything. I moped around, slowly fed the dogs, slowly shoveled eggs into my mouth, avoided any productive task. Then I remembered that I could motivate myself. I busted out my Motivation Toolkit and dug up that energy reservoir that was waiting to be tapped.

Motivation is talked about too much. It seems like twice a year there’s a scientist that comes out with the new secret to motivation that will forever keep us motivated to do the things we want to do. You buy their books every time and read the motivational message about the secret to motivation. Damn they’re motivating! You’re excited all the way through the book! “HELLO WORLD! I AM MOTIVATED!”

Motivation is talked about too much.

Then you wake up the next morning extremely unmotivated.

You don’t want to get out of bed. You don’t see the point in moving on. You eat too much sugar and crash into immobility. You stop caring about your passion.

Sometimes being unmotivated is just ‘meh’ and sometimes it’s the deepest, darkest corner of hell. Either way, nothing is being built. We’re builders! If we go too long without constructing something we die.

At a certain point you get motivated enough to go read something motivating. That works for a minute. You soak in every single one of the greatest motivational ideas in the world.

Holstee’s manifesto of motivation

Then you exit the Window of Motivation and realize nothing happened. You read everything about motivation–you know all there is about the thing, why isn’t it hitting you!?

Because you didn’t do anything.

Without Black And White F/22 Primeknit Sneakers adidas XxSfEL7bG
, knowledge only leads to frustration.

Check out The Action Course – Learning the Art of Doing

You don’t need to go read lists of “50 Ways to Motivate Yourself” or look at pictures with exciting quotes on them. You don’t need to find the perfect Tumblr picture to find that motivation. You don’t need to read the right book. You don’t need anything external to get motivated right now.

You don’t need anything external to get motivated right now.

You don’t need this blog post.

I’m going to show you my 7 Motivation Murderers and then I’m going to give you the tools I use to kill them.

We can often get to where we want to be (in this case, a motivated state of mind) by taking away what’s holding us back. We simplify our situation to open it up to where we want to be.

By the time we’re through here you will have a heightened awareness for those things killing your motivation. More importantly, you’ll have a set of tools to eliminate them immediately.

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